Crevices of my age

My soul breathes
a childish hue,
but veins
under this skin
exhales pale and blue,

my heart’s beat
warmed with young heat,
but my love, burnt and bitter
which was once
oh so sweet!

and still I hear,
the music is on,
and I can feel the rhythm
in these fragile bones,

so, shall I dance my heart out
or shall I be scared,
to be fallen and caged
into the crevices of my age?

I am an old soul but with a young heart. I am not able to comprehend, when people say- one should “age gracefully” or “act your age”.

What if, if one doesn’t relate to the number of years, shown on the calendar.

I read somewhere, we are a mix, of all the ages that we have crossed.

As we still have that five year old child, that 14 year old teenager, that 25 year old excited young adult, within us.

Only certain circumstances or few intimate relationships can bring them out.

But do we have to truly depend on that?

Sometimes we have to shun what society believes, and make our own circumstance and be our own intimate friend. No matter how different that makes us!

What truly matters is that, that we keep dancing to the young rythm of our heart and giggle like that child in our soul.

As Robert Frost said

“The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected.” Robert Frost

The beautiful aspect of aging is we become more aware, conscious and wiser as we grow into the afternoon.

( I hope, we truly do )

So dance your heart out. Don’t be scared to fall, or to be caged into the crevices of your age.