Hello! I am Rupa.
As the great poet Rumi said, “What you seek is seeking you”, well I am seeking light, love, and some inspiration to live the best version of my life. Pans and Proses is a step toward this journey. I hope to meet you all, along the way through food recipes, art, poems, travel diaries, fitness goals , and many life’s delightful and some not-so-delightful but learning experiences.

In whatever we do, we all need a little inspiration, a few bits of advice, few words of wisdom or just a guide to navigate through our life. Pans and Proses is a platform where you can find just that!
Like a close friend.

The sole purpose of this blog is to share stories, so you can relate to them and never feel alone and lost. To know that there are many others, who are like us, dealing with the same issues, going through the same problems, trying to find solutions.

As it is said by  Vera Nazarian, in The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration  “Sometimes, reaching out and taking someone’s hand is the beginning of a journey. At other times, it is allowing others to take yours.” Hope we reach out to each other, always and forever.

Thank you for visiting.

Love and light to all!

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Light up your heart and the world lights up around you !

Only Humanity!

Crime does not have a gender.
Anyone can be a victim. Anyone can be a criminal.
Personally, I feel that crime against men are not mainstream agenda as it is by and large a patriarchal society. So patriarchy is now working against men, as in general, society feels – how is it possible that powerful can be powerless?

Image: Impact branding and design

The need of the hour is gender sensitisation and gender neutrality. These two factors should be the thread that should be interwoven in the  fabric of our society.

Each and every individual, each and every household SHOULD treat others FIRST and LAST as human beings. That’s it.

No gender roles. No preconceived notions about a particular gender.
No bechaari. No bechaara.

Only Humanity.
Sirf Insaaniyat.

Basic sanskaar – treat others as insaan.

4 ways to reduce overthinking

Image source: unknown

Ways to curb overthinking, which I personally found quite helpful:-

1. Exercise – It is one of the cheapest and best remedy for letting go of negative thoughts! Walk, jog, run, dance , swim – do anything but make it part of your routine.

2. Journaling- Write it out. Diaries can be your best friend. Not everyone is capable of unloading your emotional baggage. Don’t dump on others what is yours to take care of.
Be mindful- seek help when you cannot help yourself.

3. Meditation- It connects you with yourself on a level where you can accept yourself unconditionally and compassionately!

Most of the misery lies in contradictory thoughts in our head- between our behaviour and the vision we have for ourselves.

Once we are clear about who we are and accept ourselves, it gives freedom, space and a foundation to build our habits to match our vision.

4. Creating long lasting relationships/ friendships- It provides stability, security and overall satisfaction towards a healthy and a complete life. Interaction with them on a regular basis refreshes and energizes our mind.

Its a journey. Accept your thoughts and emotions-  let them go, instead of judging yourself for the way you think.

Kindly add more suggestions in comments!

Give yourself another chance!

You should never hesitate to start somewhere, even though you might feel you are way behind others.

There are two possible scenarios, that you might face, you tried and you failed or you tried and you reached your goal. But with both scenarios, only common factor is TRYING.

How would you know the outcome, even before you give it a try?

So instead of waiting – begin again, begin somewhere and keep moving forward!

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Keep moving forward, everything will be clear as you cross the distance.

Did you laugh today?

A day without laughter is a day wasted”
Charlie Chaplin

We are so busy in making things right, in being perfect, in doing everything we are supposed to do, that we forget that we have finite amount of time in this world.

We take our existence for granted. As if, peace, happiness, love can be postponed for tommorow. But the reality is, no matter how cliche, it sounds, what we really have is the present, this day, this moment.

So add a little smile, laughter, gratitude, hugs, love in your everyday life. And this journey will be amazing, cause when you will look back, there won’t be any regrets but a beautiful and fulfilled life to see.

Keep smiling ! Love and light to all!

Recreated this art from internet.
Praise and credits to the original artist.❤️


Let me
love your days
and crave
your lambent nights

Let me be
heat of the Sun
melting you
to a crescent moon

Let me grow
wildflowers once
in your barren field

and let me know for ever
your sweet aubade
will be sung for me

Took this picture from my balcony, a few days ago. I love sunrises. They bring so much hope, warmth and love.

There will be bad days but there are also good days. Sometimes you won’t feel so hopeful but trust me, good things are just around the corner. A sunset always comes with a promise of sunrise, asking you to try again!


When the dawn calls you,
it’s the light of belief and faith,
of the Universe,
in you

Language of the Universe always guides us. If you pay attention, you will know, what to do.

Even though, sometimes you won’t feel like, but it knows that you are beautiful and worthy. You just have to have faith, cause it has in you.

Every new day, brings a new opportunity, to start afresh. To begin, what you truly wanted to do.

You must have failed many times in the past, and maybe you will at times in the future, but that doesn’t make YOU a failure.

So, promise yourself to start again, just like every dusk, comes with the promise of dawn.

I took this picture, few years back from my house in Doha, Qatar. I have always found sky, Sun and nature fascinating.


Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar

मैं उस शहर
में बसती हूं
जिसका कोई
ठिकाना नहीं

उसके घरों में
रोशनी है
और उस रोशनी से
मेरा कोई याराना नहीं

लोगो का क़ाफ़िला
है मेरे संग
लेकिन मैं मेरे संग नहीं

मैं उस शहर
में बसती हूं
जिसका कोई
ठिकाना नहीं।

This picture was taken by me, from Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar. Throughout my life I have been to various places. My parents had a transferrable job.

After my marriage, me and my husband moved to different places too.

Doha, Qatar was one such place, where we stayed for few years. It was one of the most memorable experience. Its a beautiful city. Do visit, whenever you have a chance.

Always, keep some wanderlust alive in your heart!